Nicole's Story:

It began in September 2010: a great trip, a new country, a completely different project. Six months have been unforgettable. But most important were the people I met, places I visited, the sights I saw and the lessons I learned and I will certainly follow for the rest of his life.

EVS My experience was important in several respects, but was particularly striking in terms of personal growth, as it was for many of the volunteers who have experienced the challenge of being a volunteer. We experience a new culture, learn to be a little more independent and we are confronted with ourselves.

My project, promoted by ASHA Centre, consisted mainly of working in the garden / biodynamic garden and meet new people, new philosophies of life and, ultimately, learn a little about living in community. I was also fortunate to spend six months in one of the most beautiful places in England (the region of Gloucestershire) where I could see every day, on the one hand, the huge river that surrounded us and the other the famous Forest of Dean , a forest famous for its mysticism and the variety of landscapes that make us wonder.

The opportunity to have been able to work in a biodynamic garden was also quite interesting, as yet unaware of this type of agriculture. I had just one opportunity to closely follow all the steps that this practice requires, from preparing the soil for natural treatments, to monitoring the movement of constellations that represent the signs of the zodiac follow a calendar that indicates which days suitable for plant certain seeds or treat certain plants / vegetables. The relationship land - Cosmos that this practice requires them to have been, without doubt, an advantage for me because it made me reevaluate the importance of more sustainable habits in day-to-day and forced me to be more aware of All that surrounds us. Moreover, it is always a privilege to follow the growth of vegetables, plants and flowers that we helped to plant and that, although not an easy task, especially in winter (due to cold), is a practice that is in order very rewarding.

I also had the opportunity to meet people from different nationalities, different religious beliefs and different age groups. After six months of volunteering I feel I learned a little about many of these people, with many of situations that forced me to grow and with many moments that I experienced while I was there.

No wonder they want to go back. Very briefly. And I advise everyone to do the same!

Nicole Ferreira